Announcing “Jobs That Matter: Find a Stable, Fulfilling Career in Public Service”

Are you or someone you know seeking a more meaningful job? 

Announcing “Jobs That Matter: Find a Stable, Fulfilling Career in Public Service.”
After eleven years as a career counselor, I decided to compile everything I’ve learned about finding jobs that make a difference into one book.
This is the first book of its kind to give in-depth, real-world tips for finding jobs in both the nonprofit and government sectors.  It’s available now on and in bookstores everywhere, for only $14.95.  Key features include:
• Details on careers in human and social services, health, education, civil rights, the environment, infrastructure, finance, international development and relations, security and law enforcement, religion, and the arts.
• Engaging profiles of 26 professionals with some of the most interesting jobs you’ve ever heard of
• Salaries, job outlook, and career information on 60 different public service jobs
• Listings of more than 250 professional associations, jobs search sites, and books
• Career exploration exercises to help you pinpoint the perfect career
• Sample resumes and cover letters that have actually succeeded in getting people interviews in public service jobs
• Salary negotiation tips specific to public service jobs
• The only resource available with tips on state, local and federal government hiring, the United Nations and the State Department
Rave reviews include:
“Reading this book is a smart step on the journey to both finding a fulfilling job and serving the nation.”–Max Stier, CEO and President of the Partnership for Public Service
“Finally, something really useful for non-profit jobs. I wish I’d written this book, but know I couldn’t have done such a good job.  If you are thinking about a career in nonprofit, this is your starting point.”–Martin Yate CPC, NY Times bestseller, and author of Knock em Dead The Ultimate Job Search Guide.
“Jobs That Matter: Find a Stable, Fulfilling Career in Public Service is a must-have resource for those pursuing a career in public service.” –Antoinette A. Samuel, MPA CAE, Executive Director, American Society for Public Administration

I hope this book will help you or someone you know.  You can get updates, subscribe to my newsletter and get an additional list of useful links for job searching by visiting my website at

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