Fun career sites and posts I’ve found lately #2

I’ve really been enjoying finding more and more people using Twitter.  For instance, it turns out that 3 alums of the school where I work are big Tweeple: @dfletcher, CIO of the State of Utah, @billschrier, CTO of the City of Seattle, and @levyj413, the webmaster of the EPA.  But my favorite thing is the referrals to great articles from Twitter.

My favorite new social networking site for government,, is explained in more detail here:

Steve’s fun video on What Not to Wear for government job interviews:


I also like @govloop’s tweets: govloop 10 Secrets for Landing a Federal Job. From a top-secret blog in beta.

cdorobek Congress goes web 2.0! YouTube… shows lawmakers at Work

levyj413 Info on Federal Web Mgrs Council, including their papers:


SeattleChamber 37th annual economic forecast on Thursday. See enterpriseSeattle website for more:

hdccomm Brush up on what the 2009 Washington State Legislature will be up to here: New videos just posted.

carolARC posted a site with disaster response career information here:


p2173 – 2009 Trends to Ignite Your Nonprofit Work and/or Philanthropy

meshugavi Hot off the press: Using facebook for your nonprofit:

megmatthews Social media for small NFP websites.

p2173 Check out this list of Sustainable / Socially Responsible Business Plan Competitions

AmyPotthast The Service Gap Year at Mid-Career

ChangeEvnglst Have a great idea for social innovation? Pitch it with an elevator speech.

ChangeEvnglst free webinars for nonprofits: learning how to use social media strategically.



cheeky_geeky If you are laid off, here’s how to socially network |

The Connected Student, a fun video on connecting as learning:

CareersOrg Noted : Finding a job in a bad economy – Get some good ideas in these articles – or here

meshugavi 10 Ways Personal Branding Can Save You From Getting Fired


cheeky_geeky If you’re interested in following government folks and brands on Twitter, check out the GovTwit directory (

ariherzog If you’re a college student or you know one, @sbradley3 wrote a handy College Student’s Guide to Twitter:

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