Newspapers & Magazines

Newspapers and Magazines

  • “Public Health: Opportunities for Every Major,” National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Journal

  • “More Public Health Graduates Being Drawn to Private Sector Jobs,” The Nation’s Health

  • “Driven by the pandemic and ‘the Fauci effect,’ applicants flood public health schools,” STAT News

  • “Demand for public health graduates remains high through the COVID-19 pandemic,” EurekAlert!

  • “The public health employment picture: Are graduates meeting the demands of the workforce?” EurekAlert! AAAS

  • “How to Make a Career in Public Service,” US News & World Report

  • “We Ask the Experts for Public Health Career Advice” Future of Personal Health

  • “Hang on, New Public Health Grads: Strong Long-Term Outlook for Jobs” Global Health Now

  • “Volunteer Your Way to Job,” Houston Chronicle, Seattle Times, New York Times Syndicate and Grand Rapids Press

  • “How to Find a Nonprofit Job that Fits” Chronicle of Philanthropy

  • “Employees Often Promoted to Manager for the Wrong Reasons” Newsday

  • “What can you do with a degree in Public Health?” Metro

  • “It’s Not Too Late to Get a Summer Internship” in US News & World Report

  • “Veterans Returning to Civilian Life,” The Atlantic

  • “Mission Critical Skills and Majors” US News and World Report (Nov. 1, 2010)

  • “Alternative Career Options for Burned-Out Lawyers” in US News & World Report

  • “Weigh pros, cons of switch to nonprofit realm” by Anita Bruzzese, Gannett News Service; USA Today, Cincinatti Inquirer, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, AZ Central, Honolulu Advertiser, Reno Gazette Journal

  • Innovative Strategies to Attract and Retain the Next Generation in Government,” PA Times, newspaper sent to over 7,000 government employees nationally, Oct. 2011 edition.

  • “Dear Uncle Sam,” Philadelphia Inquirer and Roanoke Times

  • “Author reveals how to achieve jobs in nonprofit sector,” Toronto Sun

  • “Federal Jobs” in Seattle Times

  • “Your nonverbal communication can wreck your interview,” in the Toronto Sun and the Barrie Examiner

  • 9 Interview Questions you Should Be Asking, Denver Post

  • “How To Make Money While in College” by The Dollar Stretcher

  • “So you want to work for a nonprofit” by NW Jobs blog for Seattle Times 

  • “We’re Losing That Sense of Being in it Together,” by Jerry Large in Seattle Times

  • “New Book: Land a job in the nonprofit sector,” Denver College-to-Career Examiner

  • Next Step Magazine, Intern Etiquette

  • Smart Money Magazine

  • Universal Journal, the Association of Young Journalists & Writers, Will You Be a Starving Writer after Graduation?

  • Bellevue News notes on Prolango Career Mixer

  • The Futurist, book review May-June 2011

  • “Working in non-profit organizations,” Edmonton Sun, and 24 Hours July 11, 2010

  • At the Library, Stillwater News Press (OK)

  • Library Journal review, Aug. 1, 2010

  • Job Training And Placement Report article, “What to Ask During an Interview,” Oct. 2010

  • Library Leadership and Management

  • “Springfield Library Helps Job Seekers,” The Republican

  • World Futurist Society Newsletter

  • PA Times, Oct 2011 edition (Vol 34 No. 4): “Innovative Strategies to Attract and Retain the Next Generation” Oct11PATLR-1

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