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5 Tips for Career Relocation

Perhaps you want to be closer to your aging parents. Or perhaps you want to move to a city that is a hub of an industry that offers more opportunity for career growth. Maybe you just need more sunshine, more mountains, or less traffic.   Whatever your motivation, job seekers who hope to relocate can … Continue reading

LinkedIn for International Relocation

On occasion, I work with job-seekers who want to make a major career change or relocation to another country. LinkedIn can do wonders for rapidly expanding your connections in a new field or location, if you know how it works. The way it works is: * You need to use the Advanced Search of People … Continue reading

Both/And, not Either/Or

Both/And, not Either/Or I recently worked with a job seeker who wanted to relocate fromSeattletoCaliforniato increase her intake of sunshine. She’d been trying to make the move happen for at least two years, mainly through traditional means—applying for open positions listed in her geographic area of interest. At some point, I suggested a more creative … Continue reading

When is a $10,000 raise a pay cut?

It’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into when accepting a new job. As a mentor of mine once said, “don’t be seduced by the job offer.” It’s very exciting to receive an offer, especially if you’ve been looking for a long time. But if you are choosing between different offers, or have an … Continue reading

How do I prepare for a Skype interview?

As the cost of travel rises and Skype is becoming more and more commonly used, people are increasingly having long-distance interviews via Skype. An in-person interview is still probably preferable, but if your prospective employer can’t reimburse your travel costs, you are still at least able to be seriously under consideration if you can interview … Continue reading

Relocating for a job

Some tips: 1. Research the city you want to move to beforehand. Make sure there are enough employers in your industry or field of interest to offer some job opportunities in your chosen profession. It’s hard enough to relocate to a new job in your same field, but to try to relocate and also change … Continue reading