101+ Careers in Public Health (3rd Edition)

101+ Careers in Public Health, 3rd Edition, offers something no other book offers–a completely updated guide to careers in public health, including some of the fastest-growing occupations in the United States today.

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101 careers in public health coverReaders will receive:

  • An overview of public health and why so many new people are needed to join this meaningful field today
  • A unique career assessment tool, available nowhere else, guiding readers to a public health career that matches their interests, skills, public health mission areas, and lifestyle values
  • In-depth tips on which careers you can pursue with a high school diploma, associate’s degree, bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral-level degrees, as well as tips on finding and paying for your education
  • Job descriptions for more than 120 different jobs in public health, ranging from epidemiologists and health educators, to data scientists and GIS mappers, from health equity directors to public health dentists, from engineers to contact tracers, and from public health lawyers to social media strategists. 
  • Topic descriptions within public health, including infectious disease, chronic disease, health equity and justice, environmental health, maternal/child/reproductive health, aging, injury prevention, disaster preparedness, occupational health and safety, food safety and nutrition, pharmaceuticals and drug safety, education, health communication, mental health and substance use disorders, law/regulations/policy, evaluation/quality/patient safety, informatics/data science/technology, nonprofit organizations, administration and leadership, military, global health and humanitarian assistance
  • A unique chapter on public health job search, including listings of some of the fastest-growing career opportunities, fellowships, internships, and special hiring programs available today, a resume and cover letter example, salary negotiation tips, and specific tips on applying for jobs in public health agencies
  • Hundreds of hyperlinks to professional associations, job boards, certification programs, and resources

Throughout the book, we include real-life examples and stories from 54 incredible public health heroes, including:

  • An epidemiologist handling the COVID-19 outbreak in Florida while consulting to the World Health Organization
  • A contact tracer, helping slow down the spread of COVID-19 in Utah
  • A public health nurse in Alaska who flies out to communities in the tundra to treat people for tuberculosis
  • Dr. Mona Hanna Attisha, the hero of the Flint, Michigan lead poisoning crisis
  • Health equity and justice experts
  • Public health dentists, pharmacists, physicians, nutritionists, social workers, and lawyers
  • Social media strategists, bioinformaticists, geneticists, GIS mappers and data analysts
  • The Chief Medical Officer of WebMD
  • The founder of one of the country’s most innovative gun violence prevention programs
  • A sanitarian at the NYC Department of Health in charge of rat infestations
  • A poisoning hotline expert
  • A childbirth educator, birth doula and lactation consultant
  • A drug regulation expert at the FDA
  • Activists, advocates, nonprofit organization founders, and global health experts
  • Tobacco cessation coaches and sexual health educators, and many more

Email 101careersinpublichealth@gmail.com for details or speaking engagements. 

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