Global Health to Domestic Health: Jargon Translator

I frequently encounter job seekers who wish to change career fields or industries/sectors. I have found, though, that even within fields that would seem to be very similar, there can be significant differences in how terminology is used, often to refer to the same thing. Because employers–including human beings like hiring managers or recruiters, as … Continue reading

Should I Keep it On My Resume?

People often wonder how to decide whether to keep a particular bullet point, or even a whole job or section, in their resume. Here’s a simple flowchart/infographic to help you figure it out. If you have less experience and are having trouble filling up a single page of a resume, you can ignore this post; … Continue reading

The 9 Week Job Search

I recently helped a job seeker get a job in 9 weeks, from start to finish. The search took place during the holidays, meaning a week and a half were out of bounds for interviews (including networking interviews) but that time could be spent on applications. People are often surprised by the number of applications, … Continue reading

5 Tips for Career Relocation

Perhaps you want to be closer to your aging parents. Or perhaps you want to move to a city that is a hub of an industry that offers more opportunity for career growth. Maybe you just need more sunshine, more mountains, or less traffic.   Whatever your motivation, job seekers who hope to relocate can … Continue reading

How to Politely Nudge Recruiters

You’ve applied for the job; you’ve had an interview; or you’ve just reached out to a new networking connection at your favorite company. Now it’s a waiting game, right? Wrong. Done right, good follow-up can get your resume a second look in searches, bring in more job leads, or even land you the job.   … Continue reading

Beating Resume Robots

For years now, many companies have been using applicant tracking systems (“ATS’s”) to manage the volume of resumes that are submitted for jobs. As a job seeker, it’s hard to know which companies use an ATS, though in some cases it’s obvious—when you click the “apply” button, you are taken to a site like Silkroad, … Continue reading