Just a few examples of over 50 recommendations on LinkedIn:

“I highly recommend Heather to anyone who finds themselves “in the market”, or who is assessing how to make their next professional or career steps. When working with Heather during my own career transition, I found her to be knowledgeable, easy to work with, and just the right mix of coach, cheerleader and accountability partner. Her advice was sound and practical in ways that were tailored to my specific needs and that took into account both by my strengths and areas of opportunity for growth. Heather knows her business, is an excellent sounding board and quite adept at getting one to do what needs to be done – even if they would rather not. I credit our work together as a complete success for me because my “transition” time was much shorter than conventional wisdom would have suggested given the times we are in.”

“I was being considered for a promotion at my job, and Heather gave me EXCELLENT advice on how to update my resume. Both through her direct suggestions and through the questions she asked me about my accomplishments on the job, I made changes in my resume that I think improved it immensely. And I got the promotion!”

“She is a great listener and creative thinker when it comes to providing students with potential job opportunities that match both their skill level and area of passion. Heather has provided me with several invaluable networking opportunities, some of those connections I will bring with me throughout my career in financial services.”

“With very limited previous personal knowledge, Heather was able to provide highly relevant advice on career direction, resume adaptation, and employment research resources.  Her comments and feedback were insightful and belied a knowledge of my personality and interests that our history together could not have provided.  That speaks volumes to me about her ability to listen between the lines and offer assumptions based on her extensive experience with people.  Don’t let her youthful appearance fool you.  She knows her stuff.”

“She assisted me throughout the entire process of my job search, providing valuable advice on a wide variety of questions, big and small.  Her responses were always clear, thoughtful, and, ultimately, very helpful to me in securing a position.”

” Her help made a huge difference in my job search!”

“Heather goes the extra mile helping you make sure your job applications express your full potential. When I was looking for a job Heather helped me find the personal characteristics and abilities that made me attractive to employers in a highly competitive job market. Thanks to her expertise and support I was able to find my dream job in one of the most prestigious consulting firms for foundations and nonprofits.”

“Through our work together, I sincerely state that Heather radiates professional knowledge, and is attuned to the complex challenges awaiting graduating students in the current economic climate.  Furthermore, her advice sparkles with genuine encouragement and warmth.”

““I cannot recommend Heather highly enough.  Her combination of personal integrity, compassion, and job market savvy makes her an extremely effective career coach.  However, Heather does more than just provide career counseling, she helps develop future professionals.  For example, she led numerous classes, trainings, and seminars on how to effectively network, manage one’s job search, and identify potential career opportunities. With Heather’s help, I was able to secure a position at a nationally-recognized company that provided a great salary and challenging work within two week’s of graduating (and this was during the U.S.’s peak unemployment period).   Heather’s track record says it all: she knows what it takes to get results and find a career.”

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