Global Health to Domestic Health: Jargon Translator

I frequently encounter job seekers who wish to change career fields or industries/sectors. I have found, though, that even within fields that would seem to be very similar, there can be significant differences in how terminology is used, often to refer to the same thing. Because employers–including human beings like hiring managers or recruiters, as well as recruiters who use computerized keyword searches via their Applicant Tracking System software–are looking for candidates who appear on paper to be as similar as possible to the job they are recruiting for, it’s crucial to translate the wording on your resume to look like your future job.

One common transition is between global health or international development, and domestic/US-based public health or healthcare. Global health/international development has its own long list of  jargon terms, so someone switching from global to domestic work has to translate their wording. Here is a jargon translator to use. By the way, I learned how to build tables using HTML to write this post. You’re welcome.

M&E Program Evaluation
business development grant writing
USAID federally funded
malaria, TB infectious disease, tuberculosis, vector-borne disease
MOH or Ministry of Health Health Department, Government stakeholder
resource-limited low-income
clusters, hubs (in UN humanitarian agencies) groups, programs, stakeholders
IDPs refugees, asylees, displaced persons
INGO, NGO nonprofit organization, community-based organization, CBO
GBV domestic violence
deployments, missions programs, projects
WASH environmental health, water quality, sanitation
civil society organizations local government agencies, nonprofit organizations
HQ, country office headquarters, local chapter/local office

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