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Global Health to Domestic Health: Jargon Translator

I frequently encounter job seekers who wish to change career fields or industries/sectors. I have found, though, that even within fields that would seem to be very similar, there can be significant differences in how terminology is used, often to refer to the same thing. Because employers–including human beings like hiring managers or recruiters, as … Continue reading

Tips for the PhD Job Search

If you have a doctorate, or are pursuing one, you may already know about the two different job search processes for PhDs: academic and non-academic. Many people who pursue a PhD, especially in disciplines that have less of an established track record in industry, assume they will become tenured professors. As more universities hire adjunct … Continue reading

What’s in a Name? Probably, Your Future Job

In the nonprofit and government agency universe, there is an interesting variety of terms used to describe the individuals being served by a human or social services program. I’ve found that job-seekers wishing to enter this field need to do careful research so they can understand the culture of the organization they are aiming to … Continue reading

Top 100 Keywords for Public Service Careers

One of the best suggestions I’ve seen in a while in the job search comes from Martin Yate’s new book, Knock ’em Dead – Secrets and Strategies for Success in an Uncertain World. He suggests creating a Target Job Deconstruction. This entails: Going to any job board, such as,,,, etc., and … Continue reading

When offered 3 choices, choose the fourth

The Fourth Option One of my alumni recently had “the good problem”—too many job offers. She had three offers to choose from, each with different job functions, missions, salaries, and benefits. She sent me a note asking for my advice:   The first job was in a professional association for the insurance industry—a mission she … Continue reading

Should I ask about advancement?

One of the many questions job seekers ask when they are in a job interview is about opportunities for promotion or advancement. Normally, asking about opportunities for advancement is a good thing because it shows ambition and a desire to stay with the organization–unless there is just no opportunity for that in a teeny tiny … Continue reading

Too Late for Personal Branding?

Q: If you are already being considered by a Non-profit for a new position, what can you do at that point for Branding? This is a tough one. I would say that once you are in the interview process, there’s probably not a lot you can do to change their first impression of you. They … Continue reading