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What can you learn from an interview?

What can you learn from an interview? When going on a job interview, there is a lot you can learn about an organization through observation. I always think it’s important to pay close attention to certain factors to assess whether you are really interested in the job or would be a good fit. Here are … Continue reading

Should I ask about advancement?

One of the many questions job seekers ask when they are in a job interview is about opportunities for promotion or advancement. Normally, asking about opportunities for advancement is a good thing because it shows ambition and a desire to stay with the organization–unless there is just no opportunity for that in a teeny tiny … Continue reading

Second Round Interviews

Second round interviews are sometimes more in-depth than the first round. In many cases, the first round or screening interview is with HR, and has some general questions (tell me about yourself, what are your strengths and weaknesses etc.). The second round is usually with the hiring manager and/or the team you’ll be working with. … Continue reading

It’s not over until it’s over

There are many phases in the job search process, all of which are a time-consuming emotional roller coaster ride for many. The problem is that many people get excited that they’ve been called for an interview, a second interview, even a reference check, and presume that means they’ve got the job, only to find that … Continue reading

The Job Board-Linkedin Mashup

I heavily emphasize Linkedin in all my advice to job seekers, but there are limits on what it can do. At this point, it’s not that awesome as a job board. You can, in fact, use Linkedin as a job board by looking under “Jobs” and also looking for Jobs conversations/postings in the groups you … Continue reading

Stress-based interviews: the Brain Teaser

The Brainteaser Interview question As I mentioned in my last post, there are three types of stress-based interviews. The third type of stressful interview question is the brainteaser. This is an unanswerable Zen-Koan type question that has no easy answer and is designed to test whether you are going to drop dead when faced with … Continue reading