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Handling Disability in the Job Search

I became disabled and have been out of work for 8 months… I will now need to find a new job.  How can I not have this held against me in the job search? Before I start this post, I should say I’m not a certified vocational rehabilitation specialist. I would recommend seeking one out … Continue reading

Public Speaking: Stand & Deliver

I’ve been coaching candidates for the Presidential Management Fellowship’s in-person assessment lately, and one part of the assessment process is a 5-minute policy presentation which each candidate must deliver in front of a panel of judges. Public speaking is, for many people, scarier than watching Aliens while on PCP. Scarier than jumping out of a … Continue reading

Federal hiring reform, round 2

As those who follow the intricacies of federal hiring already know, the Merit Systems Protection Board found that the Federal Career Intern Program (FCIP) violated merit systems principles because positions were not advertised enough to allow veterans to apply, and thus violated veteran’s preference. (For those not familiar with federal hiring, this last sentence will … Continue reading

Transitioning from Private to Public Sector

Transitioning from Private to Public Sector Many people have considered moving from corporate careers to public service, especially because government has a reputation for offering more secure jobs (including preferences for re-hiring laid-off staff, some union protections, etc.).  However, it’s important to consider whether your personality is a good fit for government, whether you are … Continue reading

Federal jobs: stable careers that can make a difference

The federal government is the nation’s largest employer.  It also offers some of the best job security of any employer.  There are many opportunities in federal government, and they offer some recession-proofing; for instance, in the last recession, the federal government increased its hiring while private sector was laying off.  Current federal employees receive “tenure” … Continue reading