For Organizations

Due to my research on the public health workforce, I occasionally provide consulting services to public health organizations and health departments on:

  • Competing with the private sector to hire top candidates
  • Writing effective job descriptions
  • Working with Millenials and handling cross-generational issues
  • Improving engagement in the workplace by identifying meaningful work
  • Measuring results of programs through logic models, balanced scorecards, student learning outcomes measures, and surveys
  • Outplacement coaching for professionals
  • Talent development coaching and career pathway identification for high-performing staff and executives
  • Succession planning and knowledge transfer during retirements
  • Developing successful internship programs

Workshops I have taught have included:

  • Networking 101/Working the Room
  • LinkedIn strategy; Advanced LinkedIn for Universities
  • Resume, cover letter writing; interviewing; salary negotiation
  • Global health job search
  • Job search for PhDs, MDs, researchers, public health professionals
  • Leadership and career development
  • Beating burnout
  • Government job search
  • Career change and reentry to the workplace

Contact me for details.

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