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Emotions in the Job Search

It’s a little like dating. You have found your dream job or organization– but will  they like you back, enough to hire you? If they reject you, does that make you a bad person or a failure? Putting yourself out there by networking, applying, and interviewing for jobs makes you very vulnerable to rejection, the … Continue reading

A tale of two job-seekers

I recently spoke about my book Jobs That Matter at a major career networking event with over 400 participants, and made connections with probably 50 different people. I was struck by two of the people I met, both job-seekers but completely opposite in their attitudes. The first person, a woman who had years of experience … Continue reading

Overcoming the stigma of unemployment

Even though the recession has been going on since October 2008, there are still recruiters who make negative assumptions about candidates who are unemployed—especially those who have been unemployed for a year or more.  Many top-quality candidates have been out of work for a long time in this economy, but how do you overcome the … Continue reading