Happy Mother’s Day: Now, Back to Work!

As a new mom, I understand the amazing challenges and joys of being a parent. As a career coach with 13+ years’ experience, I also have worked with many parents and others who took time off to raise a family, take care of an ill or aging family member, recover from an illness or injury, or travel the world, and who now want to return to the workforce.

In honor of everyone who has taken time off from work and wants to return to the workforce, I’m offering two webinars in the next couple of weeks:

  • Returning to the Nonprofit Workforce webinar ($10 registration, which includes 10% off a job search package), Thursday May 5, 9am PST/12pm EST. Have you taken some time off from work, to raise a family, to take care of an ill family member, or to travel the world? Perhaps you would like to re-enter the nonprofit sector after working in the private sector or government. This webinar will cover everything you need to get back to work, from identifying the resources you will need to get started, how to address recruiter concerns about an employment “gap,” how to write a compelling resume, and networking for success.
  • Find the Right GovGig for You webinar (free). Wed. May 11, 9am PST/12pm EST.There are 20 million government jobs at the Federal, state and local level and it’s hard to know where you belong in the mix.Even if you like your current job and feel it’s the right fit, you may always be wondering in the back of your mind if the grass is greener at another agency or another level of government.Or maybe you’re trying to break into a government gig and don’t know where to start!Wherever you stand in the process, we’d like to help you sort it out.

    So GovLoop and Young Government Leaders are excited to announce a FREE training session that we’re hosting with author (“Jobs That Matter”) and career coach Heather Krasna on Wednesday, May 11 at Noon EST. In this one-hour session, Heather will:

    Guide you through a process to discover which government job (aka “gov gig”) is best for you

    Help you to identify what motivates you most: mission, job function, or values

    Share some little-known methods for getting insider information on agencies and careers.

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