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In The News

Heather has been quoted by journalists for several publications, including newspapers, prominent websites and blogs, radio and TV:

Websites and Blogs

Newspapers and Magazines

  • “How to Make a Career in Public Service,” US News & World Report
  • “Volunteer Your Way to Job,” Houston Chronicle, Seattle Times, New York Times Syndicate and Grand Rapids Press
  • “It’s Not Too Late to Get a Summer Internship” in US News & World Report
  • “Mission Critical Skills and Majors” US News and World Report (Nov. 1, 2010)
  • “Alternative Career Options for Burned-Out Lawyers” in US News & World Report
  • “Weigh pros, cons of switch to nonprofit realm” by Anita Bruzzese, Gannett News Service; USA Today, Cincinatti Inquirer, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, AZ Central, Honolulu Advertiser, Reno Gazette Journal
  • Innovative Strategies to Attract and Retain the Next Generation in Government,” PA Times, newspaper sent to over 7,000 government employees nationally, Oct. 2011 edition.
  • “Dear Uncle Sam,” Philadelphia Inquirer and Roanoke Times
  • “Author reveals how to achieve jobs in nonprofit sector,” Toronto Sun
  • “Federal Jobs” in Seattle Times
  • “Your nonverbal communication can wreck your interview,” in the Toronto Sun and the Barrie Examiner
  • 9 Interview Questions you Should Be Asking, Denver Post
  • “How To Make Money While in College” by The Dollar Stretcher
  • “So you want to work for a nonprofit” by NW Jobs blog for Seattle Times 
  • “We’re Losing That Sense of Being in it Together,” by Jerry Large in Seattle Times
  • “New Book: Land a job in the nonprofit sector,” Denver College-to-Career Examiner
  • Next Step Magazine, Intern Etiquette
  • Smart Money Magazine
  • Universal Journal, the Association of Young Journalists & Writers, Will You Be a Starving Writer after Graduation?
  • Bellevue News notes on Prolango Career Mixer
  • The Futurist, book review May-June 2011
  • “Working in non-profit organizations,” Edmonton Sun, and 24 Hours July 11, 2010
  • At the Library, Stillwater News Press (OK)
  • Library Journal review, Aug. 1, 2010
  • Job Training And Placement Report article, “What to Ask During an Interview,” Oct. 2010
  • Library Leadership and Management
  • “Springfield Library Helps Job Seekers,” The Republican
  • World Futurist Society Newsletter

Radio, TV, and Video


  • Peace Corps’ Hotline, Feb. 15, 2011, “Jobs That Matter: Federal Employment for Returned Peace Corps Volunteers”
  • Partnership for Public Service‘s August 2010 ENews
  • University of Washington Evans School’s site
  • Presenter, “Federal Employment in our Community,” TV Tacoma, June 4, 2009
  • Baruch College’s Ticker weekly newspaper
  • Dollars & Sense, Baruch College’s yearly literary magazine

Other Publications by Heather Krasna

  • American Society for Public Administration article
  • InternBridge, “Targeting the Right Colleges for Internship Recruiting,” a whitepaper for college recruiters, May 2008
  • Jobpostings Magazine, “Top Diversity Internship Programs,” Aug. 2007, and “Handling a Challenging Internship,” Sept. 2007, for an international publication read by over 2 million students every year.
  •, “When It’s Not Worth the Coffee–How to know when it’s time to leave an internship“, July 2008
  • The Ticker, Baruch College’s Award-winning Student Newspaper: numerous articles as part of weekly “Career Corner” including database logins and job search in the senior year, interview etiquette, managing online applications, the importance of networking, managing job offers and handling rejection, how to handle job fairs, how to handle on-campus presentations, spring 2007

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