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LinkedIn for International Relocation

On occasion, I work with job-seekers who want to make a major career change or relocation to another country. LinkedIn can do wonders for rapidly expanding your connections in a new field or location, if you know how it works. The way it works is: * You need to use the Advanced Search of People … Continue reading

The Job Board-Linkedin Mashup

I heavily emphasize Linkedin in all my advice to job seekers, but there are limits on what it can do. At this point, it’s not that awesome as a job board. You can, in fact, use Linkedin as a job board by looking under “Jobs” and also looking for Jobs conversations/postings in the groups you … Continue reading

Twitter and the Job Search

Q: what is the best way to use twitter to get noticed and to job search? . There are many ways to use Twitter for the job search. First, following organizations and people who tweet about topics of interest to you is an excellent way to gather information about trends that affect your job market. … Continue reading

Personal Branding and Your Online Reputation

Personal branding The idea of personal branding has gained popularity in the last couple of years. It seems to mainly be used to refer to one’s online identity—meaning, mostly, what hits come up if someone Googles your name. Like product branding, the personal brand includes a number of values and ideas. It includes what people … Continue reading