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Emotions in the Job Search

It’s a little like dating. You have found your dream job or organization– but will  they like you back, enough to hire you? If they reject you, does that make you a bad person or a failure? Putting yourself out there by networking, applying, and interviewing for jobs makes you very vulnerable to rejection, the … Continue reading

It’s not over until it’s over

There are many phases in the job search process, all of which are a time-consuming emotional roller coaster ride for many. The problem is that many people get excited that they’ve been called for an interview, a second interview, even a reference check, and presume that means they’ve got the job, only to find that … Continue reading

Stress-based interviews: The Negative Interview

Most interviewers don’t do a stress-based interview. In fact, most interviewers know you are going to be nervous in the interview and are trying to put you at ease. But occasionally, you will encounter a stress-based interview. There are three versions of this: The negative interview, The in-basket exercise or case interview, and The brainteaser … Continue reading

Will your future employer work you to death?

Will your future employer work you to death? How to assess workplace culture before accepting a job offer If you have a young family, an important avocation or hobby, or otherwise just want to leave work at 5pm and not work weekends and evenings, it’s important to find a way to investigate the culture of … Continue reading

Handling Disability in the Job Search

I became disabled and have been out of work for 8 months… I will now need to find a new job.  How can I not have this held against me in the job search? Before I start this post, I should say I’m not a certified vocational rehabilitation specialist. I would recommend seeking one out … Continue reading

Weakness, Schmeakness

When is a weakness a strength? There are many cases where a strength might be a weakness in disguise. As a classic example, if someone is in the field of accounting, their weakness might be that they sometimes pay so much attention to details that they lose sight of the big picture. This weakness, in … Continue reading

Pick up the phone

Pick up the phone I recently gave away my old futon mattress on Craigslist (thanks, Craig!). Why does this have to do with job searching? I posted the listing in the “free stuff” section. As anyone knows who has ever posted anything in that section, you are immediately inundated with random emails and calls from … Continue reading