Job Search 2.0

js20Job Search 2.0: How the Job Market has Changed and What you Can Do About It is a brand-new, 156-page instant download that covers every subtlety of the job search process:

* How Web 2.0 has revolutionized the job search

* How to leverage little-known research resources to identify your skills, values, and interests, and find jobs that match

* How to navigate the changing etiquette of the job search process

* How to answer tough questions about why you are job-seeking; how to plan ahead for impending layoffs; how to deal with a bad credit score in the job search; relocation for jobs; negotiating salary; how to leave a bad job.

Only $15. Click below for instant download… or click here for the print version.


One thought on “Job Search 2.0

  1. Your revised and expanded book is a very welcome guide to the new job market. Thanks for your excellent work! J. Abramson

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