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Global Health to Domestic Health: Jargon Translator

I frequently encounter job seekers who wish to change career fields or industries/sectors. I have found, though, that even within fields that would seem to be very similar, there can be significant differences in how terminology is used, often to refer to the same thing. Because employers–including human beings like hiring managers or recruiters, as … Continue reading

Making Big Decisions

When faced with a big decision, like whether to accept a new job, there are many factors to consider. What does the new job entail, in terms of job function? What salary and benefits are offered (including retirement matching, health insurance, dental coverage, commuting assistance, etc.)? What is the work-life balance like? Are there options … Continue reading

When offered 3 choices, choose the fourth

The Fourth Option One of my alumni recently had “the good problem”—too many job offers. She had three offers to choose from, each with different job functions, missions, salaries, and benefits. She sent me a note asking for my advice:   The first job was in a professional association for the insurance industry—a mission she … Continue reading

Emotions in the Job Search

It’s a little like dating. You have found your dream job or organization– but will  they like you back, enough to hire you? If they reject you, does that make you a bad person or a failure? Putting yourself out there by networking, applying, and interviewing for jobs makes you very vulnerable to rejection, the … Continue reading

Will your future employer work you to death?

Will your future employer work you to death? How to assess workplace culture before accepting a job offer If you have a young family, an important avocation or hobby, or otherwise just want to leave work at 5pm and not work weekends and evenings, it’s important to find a way to investigate the culture of … Continue reading