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Emotions in the Job Search

It’s a little like dating. You have found your dream job or organization– but will  they like you back, enough to hire you? If they reject you, does that make you a bad person or a failure? Putting yourself out there by networking, applying, and interviewing for jobs makes you very vulnerable to rejection, the … Continue reading

Cover Letter Concepts

There is a lot of confusion about cover letters. Cover letters are not: * An opportunity to write about your life story and life philosophy * A chance to write about tell your entire career history * A place to explain why you left each of your past employers or to focus in detail about … Continue reading

Will your future employer work you to death?

Will your future employer work you to death? How to assess workplace culture before accepting a job offer If you have a young family, an important avocation or hobby, or otherwise just want to leave work at 5pm and not work weekends and evenings, it’s important to find a way to investigate the culture of … Continue reading

Five Truths of Resume Writing

By the time you’ve done all the networking you can, hopefully you’ve warmed up some connections for jobs you can apply for.  But at some point, no matter how much connecting you do, you’ll need a resume. After ten years as a career counselor, I’ve probably reviewed over 7,000 resumes, read countless articles and books … Continue reading

Why do networking?

One of the single most important things I always tell job seekers to do is to try to find people working in their chosen field and talk to them.  I’ve been advising this for so long, I sometimes forget to explain why this is important.  Here’s why networking is the #1 homework assignment I give … Continue reading

Avoiding a bad work situation

Most of us who’ve had any amount of work experience had gone through at least one bad boss or hopelessly dysfunctional organization.  You know what I’m talking about: the job where your actual responsibilities bear no resemblance to the job you actually applied for; the job where the hair on your arms stands up whenever … Continue reading