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The 9 Week Job Search

I recently helped a job seeker get a job in 9 weeks, from start to finish. The search took place during the holidays, meaning a week and a half were out of bounds for interviews (including networking interviews) but that time could be spent on applications. People are often surprised by the number of applications, … Continue reading

Who else could hire you? How program staff can switch mission areas

In the public service/nonprofit/government employment realm, there are two types of jobs: mission-specific, and non-mission-specific support roles. Mission-specific jobs are usually related to programs delivered by a particular type of agency, such as jobs directing programs or delivering direct service. Some examples include running a homeless shelter, working as a forester, delivering arts education, or … Continue reading

Stress-based interviews: the Brain Teaser

The Brainteaser Interview question As I mentioned in my last post, there are three types of stress-based interviews. The third type of stressful interview question is the brainteaser. This is an unanswerable Zen-Koan type question that has no easy answer and is designed to test whether you are going to drop dead when faced with … Continue reading

Happy holidays from Heather Krasna

Happy holidays!   This post is especially for folks whom I haven’t talked to in a while, mainly former colleagues and students, to serve as an update of what I’ve been up to since moving to Seattle.   As you probably know, I moved to Seattle, WA, at the beginning of May to start a new … Continue reading