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Stress-based interviews: The Negative Interview

Most interviewers don’t do a stress-based interview. In fact, most interviewers know you are going to be nervous in the interview and are trying to put you at ease. But occasionally, you will encounter a stress-based interview. There are three versions of this: The negative interview, The in-basket exercise or case interview, and The brainteaser … Continue reading

The Interview Process for Tenure-Track Faculty

The Academic Job Search: Faculty   If there is any career where you can be “voted off the island,” it is as a college professor. Both of my parents are college professors, and I recently had a great conversation with my dad about the hiring process for tenure-track faculty in colleges and universities. The process … Continue reading

How do I prepare for a Skype interview?

As the cost of travel rises and Skype is becoming more and more commonly used, people are increasingly having long-distance interviews via Skype. An in-person interview is still probably preferable, but if your prospective employer can’t reimburse your travel costs, you are still at least able to be seriously under consideration if you can interview … Continue reading

Questions to Ask During Informational Interviews

I always harp on job seekers to do informational interviews. These meetings are essential in building up your personal network and expanding on your knowledge of organizations in your chosen field. But what are you supposed to talk about during your half hour to an hour chat with a professional in your field? It’s firstly … Continue reading

Weakness, Schmeakness

When is a weakness a strength? There are many cases where a strength might be a weakness in disguise. As a classic example, if someone is in the field of accounting, their weakness might be that they sometimes pay so much attention to details that they lose sight of the big picture. This weakness, in … Continue reading

Public Speaking: Stand & Deliver

I’ve been coaching candidates for the Presidential Management Fellowship’s in-person assessment lately, and one part of the assessment process is a 5-minute policy presentation which each candidate must deliver in front of a panel of judges. Public speaking is, for many people, scarier than watching Aliens while on PCP. Scarier than jumping out of a … Continue reading

Handling illegal interview questions

One of my job-seeking clients recently had an interview in which the employer asked her a question about her race/ethnicity. It was for a position that required a lot of cross-cultural understanding, and my guess is that the employer wanted to know whether the candidate had the cross-cultural skills needed for the job. However, employers … Continue reading