How long should you keep looking for your perfect job?

I get the question all the time. How long should I keep looking for my perfect job? When should I start applying for the less-than-perfect opportunities? Should I up and move to a city that is known to have more opportunities in my field, or should I keep looking here where there are fewer chances for me? Should I just take a temp gig while I keep seeking my perfect job? Or maybe take a position that is more entry-level than I think I should take, hoping it will lead to something better?

I sketched out a formula to help people better understand how long their job search might be and how much they might have to make compromises. Of course this isn’t a really scientific formula… but hopefully it will give you a sense of your job search situation.

4 thoughts on “How long should you keep looking for your perfect job?

  1. I’ve long given up looking for the “perfect” job.
    Or even a job in my field.
    Or even a job that pays half of my former salary.

    I just need ANY job.

  2. This diagram is great. I’d want to add more on the people factor, support from spouses, family, and friends, but not sure how that could be quantified.


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