For Artists

“With only one session of Heather’s thorough and enjoyable guidance, I have: 1) brainstormed ideas for new income streams and marketing schemes; 2) created pitch letters; 3) organized a flowchart for my business plan; 4) structured a “next step” to do list.  I recommend her without reservation.  Her creative generosity is a beacon for many.” –Songwriter, martial artist, writer and comic

I started my first private practice, Career Counseling for Creatives, back in the year 2000. I have worked with artists, writers, musicians, actors, chefs, film-makers, photographers, and even someone whose whole career was made of designing elaborate shop displays out of styrofoam. I have first-hand experience as a creative person balancing money and art–I’ve been an independent musician since 1991 and have self-published two CDs.

If you are an artist or creative person trying to find the right strategy for balancing your financial needs with your creative soul, I can help you.

Please review FAQ’s prior to purchase, especially regarding rush service, scheduling, cancellation policy, etc.

Visit my Coaching Page to purchase time.

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