Career Changers

Are you tired of the corporate world and want to switch to nonprofit, government, or social enterprise?

Are you moving from one job function to another and not sure where to begin?

I have worked with a wide array of job seekers. Here are just a few examples of people I successfully helped:

  • An engineer with an aerospace company who retired from 25 years of service and successfully became the executive director of a nonprofit organization
  • A school teacher who became a corporate trainer
  • An attorney who became a nonprofit executive
  • A corporate sales person who transitioned into nonprofit fundraising
  • The founder and owner of a videogame company who became a recruiter for the Peace Corps
  • An art collection and museum consultant who started her own executive search firm
  • A stay-at-home parent who found a job in nonprofit marketing
  • …and many, many more…

I know what it takes to make a major career change, and can help you translate your experience into new language, find the “bridge” experiences, training, or volunteer work to make a transition, and use networking and professional associations to make your move.

Please review FAQ’s prior to purchase, especially regarding rush service, scheduling, cancellation policy, etc.

Visit my Coaching Page to purchase time.

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