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What’s in a Name? Probably, Your Future Job

In the nonprofit and government agency universe, there is an interesting variety of terms used to describe the individuals being served by a human or social services program. I’ve found that job-seekers wishing to enter this field need to do careful research so they can understand the culture of the organization they are aiming to … Continue reading

Should I ask about advancement?

One of the many questions job seekers ask when they are in a job interview is about opportunities for promotion or advancement. Normally, asking about opportunities for advancement is a good thing because it shows ambition and a desire to stay with the organization–unless there is just no opportunity for that in a teeny tiny … Continue reading

Great Career Books

Great Career Books Posted on March 30, 2009 at 5:39 p.m. This is a very partial list of career books that pertain to public affairs careers, with a brief book report on each. If you have been looking for career information and want something to jump start your research, here’s a quick place to start. … Continue reading