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Who else could hire you? How program staff can switch mission areas

In the public service/nonprofit/government employment realm, there are two types of jobs: mission-specific, and non-mission-specific support roles. Mission-specific jobs are usually related to programs delivered by a particular type of agency, such as jobs directing programs or delivering direct service. Some examples include running a homeless shelter, working as a forester, delivering arts education, or … Continue reading

The polite job search

Job interview questions can be boiled down into three big categories: 1. Can you do the job?  That is, do you have the skills, training, or ability to at least learn how to do the job?  Questions like “give me an example of a time when you used your research skills,” or “what are your … Continue reading

10 Guerrilla strategies for a tough job market

With layoffs continuing to be front page news, job seekers who have been hit in the head by a big clue-brick are wondering how they are going to land anything.  I’m especially concerned because recruiters are telling me they are getting hundreds of resumes the instant they post a job.  So, what are a few tips … Continue reading

Why do networking?

One of the single most important things I always tell job seekers to do is to try to find people working in their chosen field and talk to them.  I’ve been advising this for so long, I sometimes forget to explain why this is important.  Here’s why networking is the #1 homework assignment I give … Continue reading