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Making the most of events

People who know me might be shocked, but I used to be a bit of a shy person. In fact, even though I am in charge of organizing large career networking events, I still sometimes freeze at these events, standing in a room filled with small groups of people talking with each other and not knowing what … Continue reading

10 Guerrilla strategies for a tough job market

With layoffs continuing to be front page news, job seekers who have been hit in the head by a big clue-brick are wondering how they are going to land anything.  I’m especially concerned because recruiters are telling me they are getting hundreds of resumes the instant they post a job.  So, what are a few tips … Continue reading

Why do networking?

One of the single most important things I always tell job seekers to do is to try to find people working in their chosen field and talk to them.  I’ve been advising this for so long, I sometimes forget to explain why this is important.  Here’s why networking is the #1 homework assignment I give … Continue reading