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Can Your Credit Score Hurt Your Job Search?

Will prospective employers look at credit scores and/or other financial information and if so, how much weight will they give it (especially in this economy)? I know this comes up for certain types of employers (financial services firms, accounting firms, banks, and often the federal government) of for certain types of jobs (especially ones in … Continue reading

Pick up the phone

Pick up the phone I recently gave away my old futon mattress on Craigslist (thanks, Craig!). Why does this have to do with job searching? I posted the listing in the “free stuff” section. As anyone knows who has ever posted anything in that section, you are immediately inundated with random emails and calls from … Continue reading

Civil Service Hiring: The State of New York

This post may be one of the longer ones I’ve written because the hiring process for New York State is so different from the private sector process. It is what I would call a “classic civil service” process, in which networking or personal connections will do absolutely no good—and this deliberate removal of any internal … Continue reading

Applying for jobs is like voting. Do it early and often!

There are two types of job postings–those that are considered “Open Until Filled” and those that have an official deadline.  What most people don’t realize is that speed is often of the essence, even for jobs with a deadline. JOBS WITH DEADLINES While it’s true that many employers will only start reviewing applications for a … Continue reading

A tale of two job-seekers

I recently spoke about my book Jobs That Matter at a major career networking event with over 400 participants, and made connections with probably 50 different people. I was struck by two of the people I met, both job-seekers but completely opposite in their attitudes. The first person, a woman who had years of experience … Continue reading