For Students & Alums

I’ve worked in higher education career services for 19 years. Therefore, I strongly advise any current college student or recent (or even distant) graduate to first take advantage of their college’s career services to the utmost before calling me. That said, not every college can offer the same level of individual service.

If you are a college student seeking an internship or job in today’s competitive economy–or the parent of one–why not take advantage of every resource you can access?

In particular–while I am not an attorney, I am familiar with the CPT and OPT options for F-1 visa students as well as the H1B visa process, and how to navigate this challenge when job searching; and I have helped many students from “non-target” schools successfully land internships and jobs in front-office investment banking and asset management. I also have in-depth knowledge of government and nonprofit student fellowship programs.

Please review FAQ’s prior to purchase, especially regarding rush service, scheduling, cancellation policy, etc.

Visit my Coaching Page to purchase appointment time.

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