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In The News

Heather has been quoted by journalists for several publications, including newspapers, prominent websites and blogs, radio and TV:

Websites and Blogs

  • “Show Them You’re Worth the Money: Quantifying Your Achievements on Your Résumé” on Careerbuilder and MSN Careers, and The State(Columbia, SC), and CIO Notes
  • “What to know when hunting for jobs in nonprofit organizations” on Prime CB
  • “Creating Opportunity in the Nonprofit Sector,” QuintCareers
  • “How to Find a Job in Federal Government,” NW Jobs
  • “How to Follow up on Resume Submission” on The Ladders
  • Jobs in Public Service & Administration on the Riley Guide
  • “What do you think about when you are looking for a new job?” On David Couper’s blog

Newspapers and Magazines

  • “Author reveals how to achieve jobs in nonprofit sector,” Toronto Sun
  • 9 Interview Questions you Should Be Asking, Denver Post
  • “So you want to work for a nonprofit” by NW Jobs blog for Seattle Times
  • “We’re Losing That Sense of Being in it Together,” by Jerry Large in Seattle Times
  • Smart Money Magazine
  • “Working in non-profit organizations,” Edmonton Sun, and 24 Hours July 11, 2010
  • At the Library, Stillwater News Press (OK)
  • Library Journal review, Aug. 1, 2010
  • Job Training And Placement Report article, “What to Ask During an Interview,” Oct. 2010


  • KUOW 94.9 FM 9/17/10 12:40pm (Seattle’s top NPR station)


  • Peace Corps’ Hotline, Feb. 15, 2011, “Jobs That Matter: Federal Employment for Returned Peace Corps Volunteers”
  • Presenter, “Federal Employment in our Community,” TV Tacoma, June 4, 2009
  • Baruch College’s Ticker weekly newspaper

Other Publications by Heather Krasna

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